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Alleviating Stress

Small business owner have to juggle a number of roles in the business including reception, general manager, marketing manager, production manager and shipping clerk.

Most small business owners also have to fill the important role as bookkeeper.

While bookkeeping is a statutory requirement, knowing your numbers is a critical part of running a successful business. In fact, up to date records lets you make informed business decisions and they also let you do year-end tax planning.

Your choice of accounting software is a very important business decision and we describe it as one of the foundation stones of your business.

When it comes to accounting software, one size certainly doesn't fit all.
When recommending the most appropriate accounting software program for clients we always address these three key questions:

  1. What Does Your Business Need? - Payroll, inventory, debtors, creditors, invoicing, Point of Sale or a full blown general ledger that lets you produce your own financial statements?

  2. What is your level of accounting skill?

  3. Do you want to use a cloud based system or a desktop package?

As such, your choice of accounting software will depend on your business needs, level of accounting skill and preference for a cloud based solution.

For this reason we support a number of programs.

In some instances you might be just too busy to handle the bookkeeping function so we can also offer you a full bookkeeping service.

We can handle your bookkeeping so you can spend more time working ON your business and your marketing.

Alternatively, if you appoint an external bookkeeper we are happy to liaise and work with them.

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